Characteristics - Configurations


Screw Jacks have different configuration in relation with the application.

  • base

    Base / Oscillating

    If the load moves along a straight line, the typical configuration includes a jack with a base and a centering ring.
    For applications with load movement along an arc, we recommend the use of oscillating Jacks. These Jacks have seats for the pins made directly in the body.

  • base

    Upright / Inverted

    The units are different because of the Work Screw extending sense respect to the base.

  • base

    Translating screw

    Work Screw move through the gear box. A Nut is integrated with the Worm Gear such that the Worm Gear and Nut rotate together. When the Work Screw is held to prevent rotation, function of load system bonding or with the Jack Anti Rotation device, the Work Screw move linearly through the gear box to move the load.

  • base

    Rotating screw

    Work Screw turns moving a Travel Nut. The Work Screw is fixed to the Worm Gear. This cause the load, which is attached to the Travel Nut, to move along the Work Screw.