Characteristics - Equipment


Screw Jacks have different configuration in relation with the application.

Based on our long manufacturing experience of special Screw Jacks, we can offer a wide range of equipment, accessories and special solutions.

Work Screw

  • Trapezoidal Work Screw or Ball Screw.
  • Diameter, pitch and end dimensions on request.
  • Anti-Backlash and Anti-Rotation features.
  • Additional guides and mechanical stop.
  • Flexible, fixed, spiral or telescopic protections.

Worm Screw

  • Double or single, short or long extensions.
  • Mechanical protection of unused extension.
  • Special Worm Screw/Gear ratios.


  • Complete Jacking system including gear motor reducers, mitre gear boxes and coupling for dual or multiple Jack arrangements.
  • Supports and couplings for direct motor assembly.
  • Screw end clevis (male/female) or top plates.
  • Electric limit switches for stroke control
  • Linear transducer or Encoder for stroke control.
  • Centesimal dial gauge for direct stroke reading.
  • Ratchets, handwheels simple or with gravitational dial gauge.