Guiding systems

Guiding system scope is to minimize Fabric oscillation with a controlled movement of a roll called Guide Roll. Keeping constant Fabric position means:

  • avoid Fabric run-out;
  • reduce edge wear;
  • increase Fabric life;
  • optimize machine productivity.

Guiding system is designed to keep Fabric running in the center of the roll in which it travels. Moving one end of the guide roll in the proper direction corrects the Fabric run. Guiding is based upon the principle that the fabric will always leave the guide roll perpendicular to its rotational axis; in this manner, the Fabric will always travel toward the end of the roll it encounters first. Weingrill offers different Guiding system models actuated by air rides or pneumatic cylinders.

Fabric control and guide activation are done through a palm valve (PRESSURE BALANCE VALVE or PROPORTIONAL BLEED VALVE) where a paddle feels the fabric edge position. The valve controls the air flow to the air rides. The security of the guiding system is increased using the ALARM PALM, where electric sensors alarm the operator when excessive fabric run-out occurs.