Tail cutter systems

Time saved after a sheet break means higher machine efficiency. With Weingrill Tail Cutter systems manual operation is replaced with a fast programmed and automatic sequence.

The use of an automatic Tail Cutter allows:

  • increased machine availability;
  • optimized paper machine efficiency;
  • operator safety during sheet break phases.

Weingrill offers different Tail cutter models:

  • WET END TAIL CUTTER, web cutting with water jet on Wire or wet Felt;
  • DRY END TAIL CUTTER WITH ROTATING BLADE, paper cutting on free run after dryer can;
  • DRY END TAIL CUTTER WITH WATER JET, paper cutting on free run or on dryer can with high pressure jet.

Together with the Tail Cutter Weingrill proposes the CONTROL SYSTEM which allows the automatic cutting procedure. Unit is activated by simply pushing a button or with an external signal coming from sheet break detecting system. Wet End Tail Cutter can be associated with WET TRIM SQUIRTS adjustable in position.