Martinetti a coppia conica

martinetti a coppia conica
Bevel gear screw jacks

worm screw and gear jacks

In these jacks the worm screw and gear are replaced with a two pinions and bevel gear system. ​​These units are typically used when high speed and duty cycles are required. This system allows a lower wear of the parts and lower ratio, but requires higher power rating.


Suitable for continuous operations.

Uniform translation speed.

Jacks are self-locking in relation with work screw diameter and pitch.


Capacity: 50 kN, 150 kN and 500 kN.
Gear ratio: 4:1.
Standard model: Body in Nodular Cast Iron, Pinions and Bevel Gear in high resistance Steel, Nut in special Bronze, Work Screw in high resistance Steel.
Mechanical stops for max extension (do not use as positive stops, but for emergency only).
Work Screw threads protection.
Screw Jacks complete with grasser nipples and end shaft keys.
- Ball Screw models.
- Anti-Rotation device.
- Electrical limit switches.
- Work Screw protection in Neoprene.
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