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We have total in-house control of the production process of our components and systems, from engineering and construction to support during installation phase. This complete mastery of the product is a guarantee of flexibility and high performance.

We offer a wide range of stretching systems, guiding systems, tail cutting systems and cleaning systems, as well as mechanical screw jacks and other accessories, always with the aim of improving paper machine efficiency.

Each component must work synergically to ensure both the productivity of the machine and the quality of the end product. That is why at Weingrill we treat each project as something unique, finding the best way out of the many available. This is possible thanks to the strong R&D orientation and integration between the technical department and production, which allow us to innovate together with our customers and meet their customization needs.


These are the company’s hallmarks, which are found in its transparent and accountable governance, its pursuit of quality, and the problem-solving skills of a well-coordinated and focused team. Thanks to these principles, we have been close to our customers for more than 70 years and build relationships of trust and successful cooperation with them.

Know how

Over the years, we have gained in-depth experience in the paper manufacturing sector and technical expertise that characterizes our personnel at all levels of the organization. As one of the first companies to equip ourselves with a certified quality system, we pursue the continuous improvement of our business processes and products, as evidenced by the evolution of design, operating principles and machining.


In the panorama of paper machine system and component manufacturers, Weingrill is unique in its particularly broad product portfolio. We design and manufacture systems and accessories for both the wet and dry part of the paper machine, always looking for innovative, state-of-the-art solutions. This allows our customers to rely on a partner who has a clear overview of how the paper machine works in its entirety and to find the answer to various requirements in a single supplier.

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