We design and manufacture mechanical screw jacks used in the paper industry and many other applications:

In all these sectors our mechanical jacks are distinguished by:

  • wide variety of sizes
  • stainless steel construction
  • customized special models
  • reliability and performance


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Innovation and quality in precision mechanical transmission

Know-how gained over the years finds expression in a wide range of screw jacks that includes both standard models and solutions designed for specific plant requirements. 

 The customer can choose from numerous types and models, wide availability of ratios and screw pitches, strokes according to request, multiple solutions and accessories. Whether it is a paper machine or another industrial application, the most suitable mechanical screw ack can be found to move loads precisely and hold them in position without slipping indefinitely. 

 Weingrill’s screw jacks are the result of ongoing research to ensure increasingly high-performance, safe and easy-to-use devices, reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.

Fully customized mechanical jacks for tailor-made solutions

How does a screw jack work? The jack housing contains the worm gear and worm screw. Worm screw drives the worm gear and is supported on tapered roller bearings, the worm gear is supported on ball bearings. The internal part of the worm gear constitutes the drive sleeve (nut) of the work screw, nut rotation causes work screw to translate or rotate depending on jack type.

We manufacture mechanical worm screw jacks in upright/inverted translating screw with threaded end, fork or plate, upright/inverted rotating screw with flanged nut configurations. Screw jacks are available in trapezoidal or ball bearing work screw versions. We do not have standard work screw length and each screw Jack is manufactured following specific requirements. Different control and working accessories can also be installed depending on the jack model. We also make bevel-torque screw jacks that ensure particularly high speeds and efficiencies.

Operation can be either manual or motorized. Screw jack can be used as single units, in dual or multiple arrangements. Motion uniformity is warranted also when operating multiple jacks of different sizes with uneven load distribution.

The importance of the materials

Our screw jacks are suitable for application in corrosive environments. The jack housing is casted in stainless steel AISI 316 (EN1.4404), worm screw is made in high tensile stainless steel, worm gear is made in high tensile bronze. On the trapezoidal screw jack the work screw is made in stainless steel AISI 316 (EN1.4404). On the ball screw jack the work screw is made in two parts, an internal ball screw made in hardened high tensile steel and an extending terminal made in stainless steel AISI 316 (EN1.4404). Jacks are provided with special sealing to prevent internal parts from dust and water contamination.

Maximum reliability and minimum maintenance

Weingrill screw jacks ensure remarkable durability and require minimum maintenance. However, lubrication is a very important aspect for optimal operation, especially in the case of highly stressed jacks. Weingrill screw-jacks are provided with grease nipples and pre-lubrified at our facility. For frequent and continuous operations the screw jacks should be provided with an automatic lube system.

How to choose the right jack

Do you need more information?

Our team is ready to advise you on the type, sizing and interchangeability of jacks.
How to choose the right jack

Main design criteria:

  • load capacity – Fmax;
  • torque and power calculation;
  • efficiency;
  • multiple screw jack arrangement;
  • overloads;
  • safety factor;
  • self-locking;
  • mechanical stops;
  • screw jack stroke;
  • critical work screw length;
  • maximum work screw length versus load;
  • critical work screw length.
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