Mitre gear boxes

rinvii meccanici martinetti
Mitre gear boxes

mitre gear boxes for screw-jacks

In a screw-jack system, to transmit rotary motion between axes placed perpendicularly, it is important to be able to rely on an efficient mitre gear box . We produce mitre gear boxes that through design and quality materials ensure precision, reliability and durability.


Mitre Gear Boxes are used, jointly with couplings and connecting shafts, for multiple Jack arrangements.
3 or 4 ways units.
Sizes: torque up to 240 Nm and torque up to 430 Nm.
Gear ratio: 1:1.
Execution: body in nodular cast iron, gears and shafts in hardened steel, inlet shafts in special high tensile steel.
Options: body and external parts in Stainless Steel.
Recommended lubrication: oil type EP220 or equivalent.
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