Mechanical screw jacks W-SJK Base

Mechanical screw jacks W-SJK base

If the load moves along a straight line, the typical configuration includes a jack with a base and a centering ring.


Sizes from 5 kN to 1500 kN, nominal.
Operation can be either manual or motorized.
Worm screw/gear or two pinion bevel gear screw.
V-thread or ball bearing work screw.
Can be combined with hydraulic piston.


Diameters, pitches and end dimensions on request.
Anti-Backlash feature and anti-rotation system.
Additional guides and mechanical stops.
Special screw to wheel ratios.
Electric limit switches and position detection system.
Centesimal dial indicator for direct stroke reading.
Swinging mounting features.
Conventional and special hand operated hand wheel with gravitational dial indicator or ratchet.
Supports or coupling for direct motor assembly.
Gear reducers, transmission shafts and couplings for dual or multiple connections.
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