Wire arm stretcher W-STA

Wire arm stretcher W-STA (air bellows)
Wire arm stretcher W-STA (screw jacks)

Inner or outer wire roll stretching systems.

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Suitable for humid environments.

Compact and reliable.

Low maintenance.


Inner or outer wire roll systems.
Screw jack, air ride or pneumatic cylinder actuated.
Stainless steel components.
Screw jack stretchers, passing or rotating screw, and cross shaft, make sure of position repeatability. System can be associated with a Load Cell and with a stroke control by means of electric limit switches.
Standard model with electric motor (hydraulic or pneumatic motor are available on request).
Air ride stretchers together with torsion cross shaft allow the automatic tension control and are easy to install and use.
Built-in or bolted roll seats.
Wire tension and wire roll movement systems are designed and executed in different models, if required.


Roll bearing support seats.
Load Cell.

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